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The latest blog entry (10-31) is about Are you me? And am I?. "Recommendation engines are very good at figuring out what people like me would do and telling me what that is, so I can then find out what people; like me, do - I can become much more like a person like me."...[read more]

Just prior to the last blog entry there was an interesting post about Planet Earth 2165 A.D.. Based on a nonreal story......[read more]

And before that we had the one with HostDrone up, "slash"-software down. An excellent post which should be read by anyone and everyone. The few ancient software projects which were supposed to be under the menu titled: "Software" (yes! that is how clever I am), have at long last been moved of amite...[read more]

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On the 03-14 at around 04:13, user: Amite logged an update under A couple of dusin more images added. It is written that: "Adding images to graphics section: cellsbubbles.jpg large_cellsbubbles.jpg large_lion_drawing.jpg large_playing1.jpg large_playing2.jpg lion_drawing.jpg playing1.jpg playing2.jpg int..."

There is also an update containing information about Added images to graphics sub-menus. "Added images to Graphics menu sub-folders...."

Going back to the 06-21, we find an update about Page turner. Amite wrote that: "- The frontpage was getting to glutted with articles which affected load time among other things. The Updates and Articles sections are therefore no longer just a single packed page. No, they have been split into folding-pages whi..."

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