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Windows Vista SP1

Posted: 2008-04-29 00:20 by AmItE

Microsoft recently released Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista. After reading both good and bad about this service pack, I decided on trying it out on my own setup.


The installation went of without a hitch. Obviously the install process of these Service Pack -type of updates is a relative lengthy task, but all in all quite simply. There was not blue screens of death (which is always one of my major worries during MS SP installations). The machine downloaded and installed in around 30 min. time.


Prior to the installation I figured that I would run Microsofts own "performance index rating" tool before and again after the installation was completed. In the past I have always gotten a score of 5,2 - memory speed being the lowest common denominator.

Before Windows Vista SP1
Windows Vista screenshot

After SP1, attempt 1
Windows Vista screenshot

After SP1, attempt 2
Windows Vista screenshot


Overall: The updated went well. No problems. The systems seems stable, though it was perfectly stable prior to the update as well.

The "Vista performance index rating" (Vpif) gives a slightly higher score on the memory test which was and still is the lowest common denominator. Whether this means that Vista is better at utilizing the RAM speed post SP1 or it simply means that they just changed the way memory speed is measured I can not say. It may also just be a fluke. Though easy and fast to use the Vpif does not exactly do a detailed speed test of your system.

System data

This test was done on a machine with the following configuration.

Graphics card: EVGA/Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX, 768 MB RAM
Motherboard: EVGA, NVidia Nforce4 680i
CPU(s):Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU 2.4Ghz @ 2.4Ghz
Memory (RAM):: Corsair 4GB (2+2) "900 Mhz" RAM @ 800 Mhz RAM
Harddisk(s):SATA2 RAID0, 2x300 GB Disk

Windows Vista screenshot

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