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Project ArnfeldtDesign

Posted: 2008-06-21 15:44 by AmItE

About 18 months ago I promissed a friend of mine that i would whip her up a website. She is an artist of sort. I actually finished most of it in february 2007, but got stuck waiting for some content from a third party and figured; wth and just launched the site anyway - the "better then nothing" philosophy.

Fast forward; June 2008. We finally managed to hook up and work out the nuts and bolts last weekend, great! After a minor 1 year, 4 month delay we could finally get this wrapped up. After correcting bugs and tieing up a few loose ends yesterday; I was able to complete the whole thing today and just fininished 15 min. ago.

So, in honor of my achivement - please visit and have a look around. Content is still sparse in some sections, but that is not my job - I think she will add plenty of that shortly.

And with that said, I take my leave for today.

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