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Next big thing: Scoutling??

Posted: 2008-06-22 05:20 by AmItE

Are you a webmaster? If you are then you may have heard the buzz about the new place in town - A place called A new community site-slash-service-slash-user-experience targeted specifically for Bloggers and webmasters. A place where meaningful conversation is never more then one click away and where hits, unique visitors and nerds simply fall from the sky. So I jumped on for a ride around the server park to see what was new and different about this concept.

The site itself looks relatively simple and low tech. No fancy banners nor obvious functionality on the frond-end worth mentioning. So I started out by looking around to see if I could find out what their goal was; What is the plan and how do I fit in? After the first yawn-tastic minutes of watching a 4 min trailer about "human networking" and reading about more " human networking" with no obvious indication of where I came in; I decided that I was not going to figure it out as an observer, I had to...*sigh* participate.

The registration was free and the process was as with most other web services - Mind numbing, but quickly over with.

I was now officially logged in and immediately started to look around for something to do and quickly figured out that I required something called a scout before I could progress. On the scout is your text-based avatar so to speak and at the same time he is not. The scout or scouts (you CAN have more than one) is sort of an incarnation of your own website or blog and that he has taken it upon himself to get more visitors and make you join networks with people just like your. It is actually all very odd yet fascinating - in a HAL 9000ish kind of way.

So your scout is your representative and your own personal bill-board. Depending on the topics you chose when you configured the scout it will log tons of "meetings" with other peoples scouts and thereby "talking" and logging details about people or groups that match your sites content. And here comes the problem then what?!

I must admit that after the first 24 hours I am still puzzled as to what I need to do exactly and why. I see scouts talking to scouts and mapping their own little world, but what does that do for me? And what is up with the points I keep getting. Can I use them? Will they help me? How!

Oddly enough I find myself drawn back again and again to check my score. Not that I know what the score is for, but it is still somehow interesting to follow. I am currently working from the hypothesis that more points as better then less, but how can I be sure?

Granted, it has only been approx. 24 since I tried it out for the first time, and the bulk of those 24 hours have not been spend on Maybe some key piece of vital information elutes me or perhaps there really is no more then meets the eye. I am going to give it a few more attempts before I abandon it completely It has potential. I just need to locate the means to utilize it.

On that note I will wrap up this post. All I can say is: Make up your own mind go try it out. You may see something that I missed. If nothing else; It was interesting and actually even entertaining at times and I guess that is all you can really hope for.

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