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Your own music video today: How?

Posted: 2008-06-22 15:31 by AmItE

It is official. Web 2.0 is dead and Animoto killed it!; the latest in the line of media driven community based sites has kicked of and are offering nothing less then music videos online! And from what I can see they are going strong which is not that easy considering how people with the "next great thing" practically spring up of the ground faster then you can say Web2.0.

So what sets Animoto apart from the herd you ask. Quite simple really; it just works! And therefore, unlike most start-ups, was it an absolute pleasure to use; Even the outcome was superb considering what they had to work with.

What is it that they have done exactly?

To put it short; they have taken 3 of the most commonly used web 2.0 items: 1) Digital photos. 2) MP3 files. 3) Internet video. And there you have it - Mix it up and Bob´s your uncle! Animoto was born and they did it right. Working with their system was an absolute pleasure. The usability level is high and I did not see anything apart from it all working perfectly. Many seasoned players could learn from their example.

A quick rundown.

First step is, as always, to register for an account. The registration procedure was not that bad and only took but a minute had it not been for the Captcha from Hell they had in place to verify that I was indeed a human and not an evil program with a dream of one day making it on MTV.

Once that was over it was smooth sailing. I clicked one or two buttons more, selected the 13 images that I had prepared for this test and was then asked to upload an MP3 of choice or choose one from their archive. I uploaded my own (approx. 6MB) and I was set. It then tells you to wait bit while it does the hard part and a couple of minutes later it made a "ding" and presto! Instant music video. I was quite impressed with the outcome considering that I just fed it 13 more or less random jpegs and an mp3. You can see the results below.

(Note: Poor sound is caused by the use of a crappy MP3 file on my part.) also integrates up against practically every known third party service which is quite handy if you for example want you music video uploaded to, say - Youtube or as soon as it is done.

Unfortunately there are also some bad news. Animoto is NOT a free service! To use it you must pay for it; it is as simple as that. You can actually make a music video with your free registration account, but you will not have access to any of the advanced features and there is a 30sec. max limit on the video length. So you can test their product just fine for free, but it is not worth using permanently. So it is essentially a "pay & stay" or don´t offering.

I am not saying it is unfair; the product they have is quite good and it is after all "only" $30 for a whole year, which may be well worth it. All I am saying is that I am sure it will reduce the number of people using their site on a regular basis drastically - and that is sad.

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