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Top 10: Nerdware for Windows

Posted: 2008-07-13 15:04 by AmItE

You know it all to well. A newly installed Windows on your computer and now you are ready to install those day-to-day programs and tools that you simply cannot work live without. - This is my top 10 of those types of software.

In order for this to be usefull I will only be looking at true freeware programs - no 30 trails, no warnings, no limited features, no nothings - completely free.

I have furthermore decided to span as wide as possible in regards to the type of software. That way the list can actually be used in real life.

If you do not use these programs already, the hurry up and download and install. You will not be disappointed. I practically use all of them daily and it saves me a ton of time.

10: Taskbar Shuffle

When I found this I remember thinking: "finally! someone made this possible". It is nothing more nor nothing less then a tool that allows you to rearrange your taskbar windows in real-time. A must have for any structure freaks.

You can download it from
(Runs on: Vista(32bit only)/XP(32bit only)/2000/NT/ME/98SE/98/95)

9: TClockEx

To put it short: A way to make your Windows taskbar clock much better. A shame that it does not work under Vista.

Download it here.
(Runs on: XP/2000)

8: PDF creator

Another excellent SourceForge project. A virtual printer that prints to a PDF on your local disk instead of a piece of paper. As often it is the simple things such as this tool that makes you happy.

You can download it at /projects/pdfcreator/.
(Runs on: Vista/XP/2000)

7: Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird. It should be no secret that this is mailclient software. Free, fast and smart. In my experience version 1.x had some problems (communications primarily). However after more then a year running Version 2 (current) I have never had even one tiny little issue - runs perfectly.

So Download Thunderbird now.
(Runs on: Vista/XP/2000/NT/ME/98SE/98)

6: Truecrypt

Update: TrueCrypt has been discontinued and may not be secure.

Truecrypt is an open source encryption tool. Basically it creates a file on "X"-megabyte. It encrypts using one or more algorythms (you can choose) and your pass phrase. You can the mount and decrypt that file as a virtual drive using truecrypt. It may sound tricky - however it is actually quite simple.

See there website for instructions and download it.
(Runs on: Vista/XP/2000)

5: IrfanView

An excellent image viewing problem. If you have ever tried the classic AcDc for viewing images, then think of Irfanview as a better version that cost nothing. It got a ton of other features too, such as bulk converting, scaling and more. is the official website.
(Runs on: Vista/XP/2000)


Free anti virus software. Short and simple.

Go to the site and download CLAM AV (Clamwin antivirus).
(Runs on: Vista/XP/2000)

3: DAEMON tools

As they write on the website: "THE best optical media emulation in the industry". And I have to agree. A simple well designed optical drive emulator that just works!

Go directly to the download page.
(Runs on: Vista/XP/2003/2000)

2: TweakUI

This gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows user interface. Change all those minor details that you hate about the logic on Windows.

Download TweakUI for your system...
Windows XP/Windows 2003 - Any 32 Bit configuration.
Windows XP/Windows 2003 - Intel Itanium CPU (64 Bit).
Windows 2000/NT
Windows 98
Windows 95

For some reason this cool tool has never been a part of any version of Windows but it has been made and release as free-ware.


Ok, listen! It is time you stop using notepad for text-processing. Notepad had hardly changed since it was created as the edit command in DOS. So throw away your 8086 and your 12" mono-color screen and join the 21st century.

I order you to download PSPAD and do not look back.
(Runs on: Vista/XP/2000)

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Latest comments

AmitePosted: 2009-07-11 02:41:59 wrote:

Dude! Dit gamle modem ringede:
- jeg skulle hilse og sige at du lever i fortiden :p

Also...Monocrome is for the rich and famous. I personally use a matrix printer - Granted it takes a while to watch a movie and cost me 86400 pieces of paper every hour. But it beats reading the book.

Peter BonéPosted: 2009-07-05 20:19:42 wrote:

"So throw away your 8086 and your 12" mono-color screen and join the 21st century."...

naarr, been there done that. Jeg holder mig stadig til 8086 og monochrome! That's the shizzle baby! The real deal :)

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