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RSS feeds - Finally!

Posted: 2009-05-02 22:24 by Amite

Years after everyone else, now joins the scene with full RSS 2.0 support on the blog articles and updates sections of the site...better late than never!

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So now there is no reason for anyone not to be up-to-date with my pointless, and far apart, ramblings on the blog. Simply look for the well known orange RSS feed icon (in the header of every article) and add it to your favorite reader.

If you are reading this while thinking: "RSS? Wth? Orange icons? Who? ", then I can hereby inform you that there exist something called RSS feeds which in short, and in this context, is a way for you (the reader) to subscribe (syndicate) to blogs, news services, communities etc. allowing you to be completely informed about news or any other content relevant to you without having to first visit multiple websites. In other words: You pull the data you want down from everywhere at once. Sounds efficient eh?

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