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Password maker v.1.00 released

Posted: 2009-06-21 14:19 by Amite

A new release of the popular password randomizer tool is now live. See the release notes below.

Previous version: ver. 0.30-BETA

Bugs fixed

- Fixed a bug that would cause it to sometimes output a password that was shorter in length then the defined minimum.

- Fixed a bug that caused an error on certain searches on the first attempt whereafter it worked fine.

- Removed a couple of symbols from the Advanced pattern setting that caused the output to be incorrect.


- Max. length value can now be set.

- Smart exclude. When checked it will exclude certain problematic characters from the pattern - making the password easier to read. Example of such a character is the "l" (lower case L) being read as "1" (The number one). Checking this box will take care of that problem by excluding both.

- Added pattern that uses lower and upper case letter, but no numbers.

- Various minor layout changes to the form.

- Help and explainations added for all new features.

- Password can now be generated containing between 1 and 9999 (yes, that would be a VERY long password) characters.

- Output. Added Strength indicator. It checks your password and gives it one of the following clasifications: weak, fair or strong.....Depending on the length, complexity etc.

- Output. Length counter added. So you can see the length of your password when it is outputted.

- Output. Complexity is now outputted along with a base pattern list as well as anything excluded by the Smart Exclude feature.

- Output. Direct link added. It is now possible to link directly to the page at take all your preferred settings with you.

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AmitePosted: 2009-06-21 15:26:55 wrote:

Version 1.01 just released. Fixed a small bug that caused pattern 3 and 4 to toggle when used. Added default values on all fields so that it is good-to-go right of the bat.

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