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Exciting new images added.

Posted: 2009-06-26 23:22 by Amite

No new images have been added to the Graphics section for a looong time. But do not be fooled! I still use Photoshop on a regular basis, and I still produce a ton of images or-what-have-you.

Lately however I have had more specific end-results to work towards everytime i logged hours in PS and therefore "screwing around time" has been low on the priority list.

The good news is that everytime I design...lets icon. One or two ideas (atleast) are disgarded during the creative process - ideas that I often save separately for inspiration, use on some other project or simply just to fool around with again later.

So anyway. I just went through my .psd junk files and found 40 or so images, mostly icons, with no current purpose in life - so I decided to give them one by using them as new content under the Graphics section menu.

abstract graphics

I have added a few creative outbursts under the Psychedelic folder.

A couple of buttons and a ton of new icons....Enjoy!

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