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Added images to graphics sub-menus

Posted: 2009-06-27 00:30 by Amite

Added images to Graphics menu sub-folders.

Industrial files: 0010.jpg, 0011.jpg

Psychedelic files: 21.jpg, 22.jpg, 23.jpg

Icons files: 00311.png, 00312.png, 00313.png, 00314.png, 00315.png, 00316.png, 00317.png, 00318.png, 00321.jpg, 00322.jpg, 00323.jpg, 00324.jpg, 00333.png, 00334.png, 00338.png, 00339.png, 00343.png, 00350.png, 00351.png, 00352.png, 00354.jpg, 00355.png, 00356.png, 00357.jpg, 00366.png, 00367.png, 00368.png, 00380.gif, 00390.jpg, 00391.jpg, 00392.jpg, 00393.jpg, 00394.jpg, 00395.jpg, 00396.jpg

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