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Its Aliiiiiive!

Posted: 2006-08-26 18:13 by AmItE

First and foremost: It's Aliiiiiiive! - go me! *snap*

Eeek! Almost forgot the compulsory, expected and damn near vital:

HELLO WORLD!!, how are ya'?!

Ok, moving on - So, where were we? oh right!! The site is now alive...again...sorta. And that's good. I am fairly excited about that fact. Why you ask? Well, gather around children and let me tell you the story about...ok - long story short....'ish....

Began with spending lots (...if "very lots" qualified as English, I would have written that) o' hours messing around with graphics creating everything from scratch, starting out with no great plan in mind regarding the end result. Just make something fancy I told myself and I nodded. Hours on end just adding a little bit of this and a large bit of that until I had what you see. I'm actually still not quite sure what It is...meh...

Once the visual aspects were wrapped up, came an even more time consuming task. Building the foundation for a semi-intelligent/dynamic PHP, MySQL, .htaccess, HTML and CSS website. As I ventured back into the world of the text-editors.

Using pspad and a sucking down a gazillion smokes (you cant prove I didn't!) I grinded thousands of lines of black text on white virtual paper.

And now a have a semi-running partial website, filled with bugs and spelling-error...Yes - it's great! I'm pleased. Only got this one public "Blog" menu at the moment :( , but the foundation has been laid and soon adding new pages should be a breeze. I even wrote this blog entry via the websites publish feature (hooray!).

Even though I'm pleased with this new, somewhat confusing, look. A final tribute to the previous version of has to be made. It served me well from 2001 - 2006 nearly without any updates at all. So here's a screenshot of the layout for those of you who missed it.

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