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Posted: 2006-11-11 23:15 by AmItE

Quite a busy day today was. I just wanted to mess around with something and then suddenly I got into a serious thing...It seems. Fact of the matter is that I have spend most of my saturday here infront of the computer *sigh*.

Well, atleast I have some updates to show for it. Here they come:

  • Graphics has expanded with an icons area
  • And a logos menu aswell.
  • This really isn't as much a tool as just a list of letter and numbers. But it is completely dynamic pulled from the webservers, and perhaps I will add some convert function there later on. For now it is "only" a list of HTML entities
  • And some though I decited to add a disclaimer to the site since I would hate to regret it when some bum logs in somewhere and deleted all his own e-mail blaiming me for it...Now I can just say: "read the disclaimer you bum"
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