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C#.NET 2 and me

Posted: 2007-01-01 20:41 by AmItE

I finaly got myself to try and learn Visual Studio (C#). So here I come!..eerhm...beware?!

So far I have just basicly fooled around and create a few simple applications to try to get a feel for it - and it seems to be working. The Syntax is quite similar to PHP (C) mixed in with a bit of their own older ASP, which I have been "working" with on and off for years, so it is not all that new, and naturally the principal in most main-stream programming languages today is pretty much the same: A variable is a variable, int, strings, arrays, loops, if-else and so I know what I need to do....just not always sure how exactly I can get there with C# and Visual Studio....yet! Note to self: Have faith!

Visual Studio offers an insane GDI (Graphical Developers Interface) based on the classic Microsoft motto: Drag & drop for the win! I am not quite sure if I like it or not though. When learning a new programming language, and in particular one so complex as C#; writing the code yourself is where you build up the routine and the fundamental understanding of how and why it does what when - a routine that comes in handy later on when you need to start expanding on the restrains a GDI in one form or another always has. Generally speaking though it is a very sweet tool.

Time to wrap this post up, I have things to do and places etc. - So under the progdev menu you can have a look at a few of my "do by learning" test applications...if that is something you fancy.

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