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Green Is Good, Red Is Bad

Posted: 2007-01-18 16:32 by AmItE

The IPwalk project has created a free website monitoring service called GIGRIB.

GIGRIB is basicly a simple but effective user-helping-user distributed service where you in short download and install little taskbar based client and then simply allow it to run in the background on your Computer. This client will then perform checks to see if websites are up or not every other minute or so and send the information back to the GIGRIB main server who will gather information from all user clients and run statitics from those numbers. So basicly your computer will help others to see if their website is online aswell as they will help you to see if your website(s) are online. All website are checked from 5 different locations to rule out false possitives/negatives and missing data.

To make sure that everyone helps a simple 5:1 ratio system has been implemented in the free version. Basicly what this means is that you need to save up "credit" to be allowed to use the network to monitor your site(s) (0-10 sites per user). For every 1 hour you have had the client running on your machine you will get 5 hours of website checking "credit" at your disposal - So start saving! :p

I created me a user last night (usr: amite) and it seems to work excellent. The client load on your machine is not noticeable at all. Uncle Samite Want's you! - To go download and install the client.

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