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Posted: 2007-02-17 20:22 by AmItE

I have managed to gather some links to some interesting sites. I have added them below with a short description on each to sum up its content.
Some amazing image manipulation. Some better then others, but most are very creative and fun.

Lettermans top 10
David Letterman's Top 10 reasons why there are no black NASCAR drivers:
10 - Have to sit upright while driving.
9 - Pistol won't stay under front seat.
8 - Engine noise drowns out the rap music.
7 - Pit crew can't work on car while holding up pants at the same time.
6 - They keep trying to carjack Dale JR.
5 - Police cars on track interfere with race.
4 - No passenger seat for the Ho.
3 - No Cadillac's approved for competition.
2 - Can't wear helmet sideways.
1 - When they crash their cars, they bail out and run.

End of the world
This is a classic. Just saw it again recently....awesome!

Save the wales
Greenpeace fanatic? This may just change your mind. Yikes!

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