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website development

Web Development

Web based projects

This one is a bit tricky to define. Basicly this covers projects written in website dev. languages (HMTL, CSS, PHP, ASP, .NET; what-have-you...) but the result is not for homepage use. In lack of a better term I guess I could call it something like: "URL/Browser accessible server-side web-page software not designed as freeware for general public.

programming languages and databases illustrations

Reference kit

All those lists that I find myself looking for at one time or another. HTML Entities, The Phonetic Alphabet, list of all TCP/UDP Ports, ISO codes & lists and last but not least a dictionary for IT and tele lingo lookups.

Scripts and tips

The title says it all. A scripting sections where I can can store and share the (hopefully) usefull scripts that I have stumpled upon (written / re-written).