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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ a ]

Abbreviation Explanation
A/DAnalog to Digital (id:2)
AAXAutomated Attendant eXchange (id:3)
ABATSAutomatic Bit Access Test System (id:4)
ABHCAverage Busy Hour Calls (id:5)
ABSAlternative Billing Service (id:6)
ABSBHAverage Busy Season Busy Hour (id:7)
ACBAnnoyance Call Bureau (id:8)
ACCAudio Communications Controller (id:9)
ACCSAutomated Calling Card Service (id:10)
ACDAutomatic Call Distributor (id:11)
ACDAAutomatic Call Disposition Analyzer (id:12)
ACEAutomatic Calling Equipment (id:13)
ACFAdvanced Communications Functions (id:14)
ACHAttempt per Circuit per Hour (id:15)
ACOFAttendant Control Of Facilities (id:16)
ACPACtion Point (id:17)
ACSNETAcedemic Computing Services NETwork (id:18)
ACSUAdvanced t-1 Channel Service Unit (id:19)
ACTSAutomated Coin Toll Service (id:20)
ACUAlarm Control Unit (id:21)
ACUAutomatic Calling Unit (id:22)
ADCCPAdvanced Data Communications Control Procedure (id:23)
ADCIAutomatic Display Call Indicator (id:24)
ADNAbbreviated Dialing Number (id:25)
ADSAdvanced Digital System (id:26)
ADSAudio Distribution System (id:27)
ADSAuxilary Data System (id:28)
AFACTSAutomatic FACilities Test System (id:29)
AFADSAutomatic Force Adjustment Data System (id:30)
AFSKAutomatic Frequency Shift Keying (id:31)
AICAutomatic Intercept Center (id:32)
AICCAutomatic Intercept Communications Controller (id:33)
AIODAutomatic Identificated Outward Dialing (id:34)
AISAutomatic Intercept System (id:35)
ALBOAutomatic Line BuildOut (id:36)
ALFEAnalog Line Front End (id:37)
ALGOLALGOrhythmic computer Language (id:38)
ALIAutomatic Location Indentification (id:39)
ALITAutomatic Line Insulation Testing (id:40)
ALRUAutomatic Line Record Update (id:41)
ALSAutomated List Service (id:42)
AMAdministrative Module (id:43)
AMAmplitude Modulation (id:44)
AMAAutomatic Message Accounting (id:45)
AMACSAMA Collection System (id:46)
AMARCAMA Recording Center (id:47)
AMASEAMA Standard Entry (id:48)
AMATAMA Transmitter (id:49)
AMATPSAMA TeleProcessing System (id:50)
AMERITECHAMERican Information TECHnologies (id:51)
AMPSAdvanced Mobile Phone Service (id:52)
ANAssociated Number (id:53)
ANAAutomatic Number Announcement (id:54)
ANCAll Number Calling (id:55)
ANIAutomatic Number Identification (id:56)
ANIFAutomatic Number Identification Failure (id:57)
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute (id:58)
AOSSAuxilliary Operator Service System (id:59)
APAttached Processor (id:60)
APCAMARC Protocol Converter (id:61)
APSAutomatic Protection Switch (id:62)
ARAlarm Report (id:63)
ARCAudio Response Controller (id:64)
ARISAudichron Recorded Information System (id:65)
ARSAlternate Route Selection (id:66)
ARSBAutomated Repair Service Bureau (id:67)
ARUAudio Response Unit (id:68)
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange (id:69)
ASOCAdministrative Service Oversight Center (id:70)
ASPENAutomatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network (id:71)
ATAccess Tandem (id:72)
AT&TAmerican Telephone and Telegraph (id:73)
ATBAll Trunks Busy (id:74)
ATCAutomatic Transmission Control (id:75)
ATHAbbreviated Trouble History (id:76)
ATIAutomatic Test Inhibit (id:77)
ATISAutomatic Transmitter Identification System (id:78)
ATMAutomatic Teller Machine (id:79)
ATMSAutomated Trunk Measurement System (id:80)
ATPAll Tests Pass (id:81)
ATRAlternate Trunk Routing (id:82)
ATRSAutomated Trouble Reporting System (id:83)
ATTCAutomatic Transmission Test and Control circuit (id:84)
ATTCOMAT&T COMmunications (id:85)
ATTISAT&T Information System (id:86)
AUDIXAUDio Information eXchange (id:87)
AUTODINAUTOmatic DIgital Network (id:88)
AUTOSEVCOMAUTOmatic SEcure Voice COMmunications (id:89)
AUTOVONAUTOmatic VOice Network (id:90)
AUXFAUXillary Frame (id:91)
AVDAlternate Voice Data (id:92)