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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ c ]

Abbreviation Explanation
CACAble (id:153)
CABSCarrier Access Billing System (id:154)
CACCalling-card Authorization Center (id:155)
CACCarrier Access Code (id:156)
CACCircuit Administration Center (id:157)
CACCustomer Administration Center (id:158)
CADComputer-Aided Dispatch (id:159)
CADVCombined Alternate Data/Voice (id:160)
CAICall Assembly Index (id:161)
CAISColocated Automatic Intercept System (id:162)
CALRSCentralized Automatic Loop Reporting System (id:163)
CAMACentralized Automatic Message Accounting (id:164)
CAROTCentralized Automatic Reporting On Trunks (id:165)
CASCircuit Associated Signaling (id:166)
CASComputerized Autodial System (id:167)
CATCraft Access Terminal (id:168)
CATLASCentralized Automatic Trouble Locating and Analysis System (id:169)
CBSCrossBar Switching (id:170)
CBXComputerized Branch eXchange (id:171)
CCCentral Control (id:172)
CCCommon Control (id:173)
CCCountry Code (id:174)
CCCCentral Control Complex (id:175)
CCCComputer Control Center (id:176)
CCHConnections per Circuit per Hour (id:177)
CCIRComite' Consultatif International des Radio Communications (id:178)
CCISCommon Channel Interoffice Signaling (id:179)
CCITTComite' Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique (id:180)
CCNCCommon Channel Network Controller (id:181)
CCNCComputer/Communications Network Center (id:182)
CCRCustomer-Controlled Reconfiguration (id:183)
CCSCommon Channel Signaling (id:184)
CCSHundred (C) Call Seconds (id:185)
CCSACommon-Control Switching Arrangement (id:186)
CCTCentral Control Terminal (id:187)
CCTACComputer Communications Trouble Analysis Center (id:188)
CCUCOLT Computer Unit (id:189)
CCVCalling Card Validation (id:190)
CDACall Data Accumulator (id:191)
CDACoin Detection and Announcement (id:192)
CDARCustomer Dialed Account Recording (id:193)
CDCFCumulative Discounted Cash Flow (id:194)
CDFCombined Distributing Frame (id:195)
CDICircle Digit Identification (id:196)
CDOCommunity Dial Office (id:197)
CDPRCustomer Dial Pulse Receiver (id:198)
CDRCall Dial Rerouting (id:199)
CDSCraft Dispatch System (id:200)
CEFCable Entrance Facility (id:201)
CEIComparably Efficient Interconnection (id:202)
CEVControlled Environment Vault (id:203)
CFCoin First (id:204)
CFCACommunications Fraud Control Association (id:205)
CFRCode of Federal Regulations (id:206)
CGNConcentrator Group Number (id:207)
CICCarrier Identification Code (id:208)
CICSCustomer Information Control System (id:209)
CIICall Identity Index (id:210)
CISCustomized Intercept Service (id:211)
CLASSCentralized Local Area Selective Signaling (id:212)
CLASSCustom Local Area Signaling Service (id:213)
CLDNCalling Line Directory Number (id:214)
CLEICommon-Language Equipment Identification (id:215)
CLICalling Line Ident (id:216)
CLIDCalling Line IDentification (id:217)
CLLICommon-Language Location Identification (id:218)
CMACCentralized Maintenance and Administration Center (id:219)
CMCConstruction Maintenance Center (id:220)
CMDFCombined Main Distributing Frame (id:221)
CMDSCentralized Message Data System (id:222)
CMSCall Management System (id:223)
CMSCircuit Maintenance System (id:224)
CMSCommunications Management Subsystem (id:225)
CMSConversational Monitoring System (id:226)
CMTCellular Mobile Telephone (id:227)
CMUCOLT Measurement Unit (id:228)
CNChange Notice (id:229)
CN/ACustomer Name/Address (id:230)
CNACommunications Network Application (id:231)
CNABCustomer Name/Address Bureau (id:232)
CNCCCustomer Network Control Center (id:233)
CNICommon Network Interface (id:234)
CNMSCylink Network Management System (id:235)
CNSComplimentary Network Service (id:236)
COCentral Office (id:237)
COAMCustomer Owned And Maintained (id:238)
COCCircuit Order Control (id:239)
COCOTCustomer-Owned Coin-Operated Telephone (id:240)
CODCFCentral Office Data Connecting Facility (id:241)
CODECCOder-DECoder (id:242)
COECentral Office Equipment (id:243)
COEESCOE Engineering System (id:244)
COLTCentral Office Line Tester (id:245)
COMSATCOMmunications SATellite (id:246)
CONNCONNector (id:247)
CONTACCentral Office NeTwork ACcess (id:248)
CONUSCONtinental United States (id:249)
CORNETCORperate NETwork (id:250)
COSMICCOmmon Systems Main InterConnection frame system (id:251)
COSMOSCOmputerized System for Mainframe OperationS (id:252)
COTCentral Office Terminal (id:253)
CPControl Program (id:254)
CPCCellular Phone Company (id:255)
CPCCircuit Provisioning Center (id:256)
CPDCentral Pulse Distributor (id:257)
CPECustomer-Premises Equipment (id:258)
CPHCost Per Hour (id:259)
CPIComputer Private branch exchange Interface (id:260)
CPMCost Per Minute (id:261)
CPMPCarrier Performance Measurement Plan (id:262)
CPUCentral Processing Unit (id:263)
CRASCable Repair Administrative System (id:264)
CRCCustomer Record Center (id:265)
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check (id:266)
CREGConcentrated Range Extension with Gain (id:267)
CRFMPCable Repair Force Management Plan (id:268)
CRISCustomer Record Information System (id:269)
CRSCentralized Results System (id:270)
CRSABCentralized Repair Service Answering Bureau (id:271)
CRTCathode Ray Tube (id:272)
CSACarrier Serving Area (id:273)
CSACCCustomer Service Administration Control Center (id:274)
CSARCentralized System for Analysis Reporting (id:275)
CSCCell Site Controller (id:276)
CSDCCircuit Switched Digital Capability (id:277)
CSNETComputer Science NETwork (id:278)
CSOCentral Services Organization (id:279)
CSSComputer Sub-System (id:280)
CSUChannel Service Unit (id:281)
CTCCentral Test Center (id:282)
CTMContac Trunk Module (id:283)
CTMSCarrier Transmission Measuring System (id:284)
CTOCall Transfer Outside (id:285)
CTSSCray Time Sharing System (id:286)
CTTCartridge Tape Transport (id:287)
CTTCCartridge Tape Transport Controller (id:288)
CTTNCable Trunk Ticket Number (id:289)
CUControl Unit (id:290)
CUCustomer Unit (id:291)
CU/TKCommon Update/EQuipment system (id:292)
CUCRITCapital Utilization CRITeria (id:293)
CVRCompass Voice Response (id:294)
CWCCity-Wide Centrex (id:295)