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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ d ]

Abbreviation Explanation
D/ADigital to Analog (id:296)
DADirectory Assistance (id:297)
DACSDigital Access Cross-connect System (id:298)
DACSDirectory Assistance Charging System (id:299)
DAISDistributed Automatic Intercept System (id:300)
DARCDivision Alarm Recording Center (id:301)
DARUDistributed automatic intercept system Audio Response Unit (id:302)
DASDirectory Assistance System (id:303)
DASDistributor And Scanner (id:304)
DAS-WDTDistributor And Scanner-Watch Dog Timer (id:305)
DASDDirect Access Storage Device (id:306)
DAVData Above Voice (id:307)
DBDecibel (id:308)
DBAData Base Administrator (id:309)
DBACData Base Administration Center (id:310)
DBASData Base Administration System (id:311)
DBMDataBase Manager (id:312)
DBSDuplex Bus Selector (id:313)
DCCSDisContiguous Shared Segments (id:314)
DCEData Circuit-terminating Equipment (id:315)
DCHD Channel Handler (id:316)
DCLDEC Control Language (id:317)
DCLUDigital Carrier Line Uint (id:318)
DCMDigital Carrier Module (id:319)
DCMSDistributed Call Measurement System (id:320)
DCMUDigital Concentrator Measurement Unit (id:321)
DCPDuplex Central Processor (id:322)
DCPRDetailed Contuing Property Record (PICS/DCPR) (id:323)
DCPSKDifferential Coherent Phase-Shift Keying (id:324)
DCSDigital Crosconnect System (id:325)
DCTDigital Carrier Trunk (id:326)
DCTNDefense Commercial Telecommunications Network (id:327)
DCTSDimension Custom Telephone Service (id:328)
DDCDirect Department Calling (id:329)
DDDDirect Distance Dialing (id:330)
DDNDefense Data Network (id:331)
DDSDigital Data Service (id:332)
DDSDigital Data System (id:333)
DDSDigital Dataphone Service (id:334)
DDXDistributed Data eXchange (id:335)
DECDigital Equipment Corporation (id:336)
DERPDefective Equipment Replacement Program (id:337)
DESData Encryption Standard (id:338)
DEWDistant Early Warning (line) (id:339)
DFIDigital Facility Interface (id:340)
DFMSDigital Facility Management System (id:341)
DICDigital Interface Controller (id:342)
DIDDirect Inward Dialing (id:343)
DIFDigital Interface Frame (id:344)
DIMData In the Middle (id:345)
DIPDual In-line Package (id:346)
DISADirect Inward System Access (id:347)
DIUDigital Interface Unit (id:348)
DLCDigital Loop Carrier (id:349)
DLCUDigital Line Carrier Unit (id:350)
DLLDial Long Lines (id:351)
DLSDigital Link Service (id:352)
DLTUDigital Line/Trunk Unit (id:353)
DLU-PGDigital Line Unit-Pair Gain (id:354)
DMDelta Modulation (id:355)
DMADirect Memory Access (id:356)
DMIDigital Multiplexed Interface (id:357)
DMLData Manipulation Logic (id:358)
DMSData Management System (id:359)
DMSDigital Multiplexed System (id:360)
DMUData Manipulation Unit (id:361)
DNDirectory Number (id:362)
DNCDynamic Network Controller (id:363)
DNHRDynamic Non Hierarchical Routing (id:364)
DNICData Network Identification Code (id:365)
DNRDialed Number Recorder (id:366)
DNXDynamic Network X-connect (id:367)
DOCDynamic Overload Control (id:368)
DOCSDisplay Operator Console System (id:369)
DOJDepartment Of Justice (id:370)
DOMData On Master group (id:371)
DOTSDigital Office Timing Supply (id:372)
DOVData Over Voice (id:373)
DPDemarcation Point (id:374)
DPDial Pulse (id:375)
DPACDedicated Plant Assignment Center (id:376)
DPCDestination Point Code (id:377)
DPEData Path Extender (id:378)
DPN-PHData Packet Network-Packet Handler (id:379)
DPPDiscounted Payback Period (id:380)
DPSKDifferential Phased-Shift Keying (id:381)
DRData Ready (id:382)
DRData Receive (id:383)
DRMUDigital Remote Measurement Unit (id:384)
DSDigital carrier Span (id:385)
DSDigital Signal (id:386)
DSDirect Signal (id:387)
DSBAMDouble-SideBand Amplitude Module (id:388)
DSDCDirect Service Dial Capability (id:389)
DSIDigital Speech Interpolation (id:390)
DSNDigital Signal (level) N (id:391)
DSPDigital Signal Processor (id:392)
DSRDynamic Service Register (id:393)
DSSData Station Selector (id:394)
DSUData Service Unit (id:395)
DSXDigital System X-connect (id:396)
DTData Transmit (id:397)
DTDi-group Terminal (id:398)
DTASDigital Test Access System (id:399)
DTCDi-group Terminal Controller (id:400)
DTCDigital Trunk Controller (id:401)
DTEData Terminal Equipment (id:402)
DTFDial Tone First (id:403)
DTGDirect Trunk Group (id:404)
DTIFDigital Transmission Interface Frame (id:405)
DTMFDual Tone Multi Frequency (id:406)
DTUDi-group Terminal Unit (id:407)
DUVData Under Voice (id:408)
DVXDigital Voice eXchange (id:409)