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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ m ]

Abbreviation Explanation
M/WMicroWave (id:680)
MAMaintenance Administrator (id:681)
MACBSMulti-Access Cable Billing System (id:682)
MADNMultiple Access Directory Numbers (id:683)
MANMetropolitan Area Network (id:684)
MAPMaintenance and Administration Position (id:685)
MAPSSMaintenance & Analysis Plan for Special Services (id:686)
MARMicroprogram Address Register (id:687)
MARCMarket Analysis of Revenue and Customers system (id:688)
MASMAin Store (id:689)
MASMass Announcement System (id:690)
MASBMAS Bus (id:691)
MASCMAS Controller (id:692)
MASMMAS Memory (id:693)
MATFAPMetropolitan Area Transmission Facility Analysys Program (id:694)
MBPSMegaBits Per Second (id:695)
MCCMaster Control Center (id:697)
MCCSMechanized Calling Card Service (id:698)
MCHMaintenance CHannel (id:699)
MCHBMaintenance CHannel Buffer (id:700)
MCIMicrowave Communications Incorporated (id:701)
MCIASMulti-Channel Intelligent Announcement System (id:696)
MCIASMulti-Channel Intercept Announcement System (id:702)
MCNMetropolitan Campus Network (id:703)
MCSMeeting Communications Service (id:704)
MCTRAPMechanized Customer Trouble Report Analysis Plan (id:705)
MDACSModular Digital Access Control System (id:706)
MDCMarker Distributor Control (id:707)
MDCMeridian Digital Centrex (id:708)
MDFMain Distribution Frame (id:709)
MDUMarker Decoder Unit (id:710)
MDXModular Digital eXchange (id:711)
MECMobile Equipment Console (id:712)
MELDMechanized Engineering and Layout for Distributing frames (id:713)
MERSMost Economic Route Selection (id:714)
METMultibutton Electronic Telephone (id:715)
MFMulti Frequency (id:716)
MFENETMagnetic Fusion Energy NETwork (id:717)
MFJModification of Final Judgement (id:718)
MFRMulti-Frequency Receivers (id:719)
MFTMetallic Facility Terminal (id:720)
MGMasterGroup (id:721)
MGTMasterGroup Translator (id:722)
MHSMessage Handling System (id:723)
MHZMegaHertZ (id:724)
MICEModular Integrated Communications Environment (id:725)
MINMobile Identification Number (id:726)
MINXMultimedia Information Network eXchange (id:727)
MIRMicro-Instruction Register (id:728)
MISManagement Information System (id:729)
MISCFMISCellaneous Frame (id:730)
MITSMicrocomputer Interactive Test System (id:731)
MLCMiniLine Card (id:732)
MLCDMulti-Line Call Detail (id:733)
MLTMechanized Loop Testing (id:734)
MMCMinicomputer Maintenance Center (id:735)
MMGTMultiMasterGroup Translator (id:736)
MMOCMinicomputer Maintenance Operations Center (id:737)
MMSMain Memory Status (id:738)
MMSMemory Management System (id:739)
MMXMastergroup MultipleX (id:740)
MODEMMOdulator-DEModulator (id:741)
MOGMinicomputer Operations Group (id:742)
MOSMetal Oxide Semiconductor (id:743)
MPMulti-Processor (id:744)
MPCHMain Parallel CHannel (id:745)
MPOWMultiple Purpose Operator Workstation (id:746)
MPPDMulti-Purpose Peripheral Device (id:747)
MRFMaintenance Reset Function (id:748)
MSMaintenance State (id:749)
MSCMedia Stimulated Calling (id:750)
MTFMaster Test Frame, (id:751)
MTPMessage Transfer Part (id:752)
MTRMechanized Time Reporting (id:753)
MTSMessage Telecommunications Service (id:754)
MTSMessage Telephone Service (id:755)
MTSMobile Telephone Service (id:756)
MTSOMobile Telephone Switching Office (id:757)
MTUMaintenance Termination Unit (id:758)
MTUMedia Tech Unit (id:759)
MTXMobile Telephone eXchange (id:760)
MUMessage Unit (id:761)
MULDEMMULtiplexer-DEMultiplexer (id:762)
MUXMUltipleX (id:763)
MVPMultiline Variety Package (id:764)
MVSMultiple Virtual Storage (id:765)
MWMultiWink (id:766)
MXUMultipleXer Unit (id:767)