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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ n ]

Abbreviation Explanation
NANext Address (id:768)
NACNetwork Administration Center (id:769)
NAGNetwork Architecture Group (id:770)
NAMNumber Assignment Module (id:771)
NANDNot-AND gate (id:772)
NASNumerical and Atmospheric Sciences network (id:773)
NCCNetwork Control Center (id:774)
NCCFNetwork Communications Control Facility (id:775)
NCPNetwork Control Point (id:776)
NCSNational Communications System (id:777)
NCTENetwork Channel-Terminating Equipment (id:778)
NDCCNetwork Data Collection Center (id:779)
NEBSNew Equipment-Building System (id:780)
NESACNational Electronic Switching Assistance Center (id:781)
NEXTNear-End X-Talk (id:782)
NHRNon Hierarchial Routing (id:783)
NINetwork Interface (id:784)
NMNetwork Module (id:785)
NMCNetwork Management Center (id:786)
NNXNetwork Numbering eXchange (id:787)
NOCNetwork Operations Center (id:788)
NOCSNetwork Operations Center System (id:789)
NORGENNetwork Operations Report GENerator (id:790)
NOTISNetwork Operator Trouble Information System (id:791)
NPANo Power Alarm (id:792)
NPANumbering Plan Area (id:793)
NPVNet Present Value (id:794)
NSANational Security Agency (id:795)
NSCNetwork Service Center (id:796)
NSCSNetwork Service Center System (id:797)
NSECNetwork Switching Engineering Center (id:798)
NSFNETNational Science Foundation NETwork (id:799)
NSPMPNetwork Switching Performance Measurement Plan (id:800)
NTNetwork Termination (id:801)
NTNorthern Telecom (id:802)
NTECNetwork Technical Equipment Center (id:803)
NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Agency (id:804)
NTSNetwork Technical Support (id:805)
NTSNetwork Test System (id:806)
NUANetwork User Address (id:807)
NUINetwork User Identification (id:808)
NYNEXNew York, New England and the unknown (X) (id:809)