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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ p ]

Abbreviation Explanation
P/ARPeak-to-Average Ratio (id:851)
PAPower Allarm (id:852)
PAProgram Address (id:853)
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch eXchange (id:854)
PACEProgram for Arrangement of Cables and Equipment (id:855)
PACTPrefix Access Code Translator (id:856)
PADPacket Assembly/Disassembly (id:857)
PAMPulse-Ampitude Modulation (id:858)
PANPersonal Account Number (id:859)
PANSPretty Advanced New Stuff (id:860)
PASPublic Announcement Service (id:861)
PATPower Alarm Test (id:862)
PAXPrivate Automatic eXchange (id:863)
PBCPeripheral Bus Computer (id:864)
PBCProcessor Bus Controller (id:865)
PBDPacific Bell Directory (id:866)
PBXPrivate Branch eXchange (id:867)
PCPrimary Center (id:868)
PCDAProgram Controlled Data Acquisition (id:869)
PCHParallel CHannel (id:870)
PCMPulse-Code Modulation (id:871)
PCOPeg Count and Overflow (id:872)
PCTVProgram Controlled TransVerters (id:873)
PDPeripheral Decoder (id:874)
PDFPower Distribution Frame (id:875)
PDIPower and Data Interface (id:876)
PDNPublic Data Network (id:877)
PDSPPeripheral Data Storage Processor (id:878)
PEPeripheral Equipment (id:879)
PECCProduct Engineering Control Center (id:880)
PFPUProcessor Frame Power Unit (id:881)
PHParity High bit (id:882)
PIAPlug-In Administrator (id:883)
PICPlastic-Insulated Cable (id:884)
PICPrimary Independent Carrier (id:885)
PICSPlug-in Inventory Control System (PICS/DCPR) (id:886)
PINPersonal Identification Number (id:887)
PIPPacket Interface Port (id:888)
PLParity Low bit (id:889)
PMPeripheral Module (id:890)
PMPlant Management (id:891)
PMACPeripheral Module Access Controller (id:892)
PMUPrecision Measurement Unit (id:893)
PNBPacific Northwest Bell (id:894)
PNPNPositive-Negative-Positive-Negative devices (id:895)
POBPeriphal Order Buffer (id:896)
POFProgrammable Operator Facility (id:897)
POPPoint Of Presence (id:898)
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service (id:899)
PPPost Pay (id:900)
PPDPeripheral Pulse Distributor (id:901)
PPNPublic Packet Switching (id:902)
PPSProduct Performance Surveys (id:903)
PPSPublic Packet Switching network (id:904)
PRCAPuerto Rico Communications Authority (id:905)
PREMISPREMises Information System (id:906)
PRIPrimary Rate Interface (id:907)
PROMProgrammable Read-Only Memory (id:908)
PROMATSPROgrammable Magnetic Tape System (id:909)
PROTELPRocedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language (id:910)
PRSPersonal Response System (id:911)
PRTCPuerto Rico Telephone Company (id:912)
PSProgram Store (id:913)
PSAPPublic Safety Answering Point (id:914)
PSCPrime Service Contractor (id:915)
PSCPublic Safety Calling system (id:916)
PSCPublic Service Commission (id:917)
PSDCPublic Switched Digital Capability (id:918)
PSEPacket Switch Exchange (id:919)
PSIUPacket Switch Interface Unit (id:920)
PSKPhase-Shift Keying (id:921)
PSMPacket Service Module (id:922)
PSMPosition Switching Module (id:923)
PSNPacket Switched Network (id:924)
PSNPublic Switched Network (id:925)
PSOPending Service Order (id:926)
PSSPacket Switch Stream (id:927)
PSSPacket Switched Services (id:928)
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network (id:929)
PSUProgram Storage Unit (id:930)
PSWProgram Status Word (id:931)
PTProgram Timer (id:932)
PTATPrivate Trans Atlantic Telecommunications (id:933)
PTTPostal Telephone and Telegraph (id:934)
PTWPrimary Translation Word (id:935)
PUCPeripheral Unit Controller (id:936)
PUCPublic Utilities Commission (id:937)
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuits (id:938)
PVNPrivate Virtual Network (id:939)