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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ r ]

Abbreviation Explanation
RRing (id:945)
R&RRate & Route (id:946)
R&SEResearch & Systems Engineering (id:947)
R/ORead/Only (id:948)
R/WRead Write (id:949)
R/WMRead/Write Memory (id:950)
RAMRandom-Access Memory (id:951)
RANDRural Area Network Design (id:952)
RAORegional Accounting Office (id:953)
RAORevenue Accounting Office (id:954)
RARReturn Address Register (id:955)
RASCResidence Account Service Center (id:956)
RBHCRegional Bell Holding Company (id:957)
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company (id:958)
RBORRequest Basic Output Report (id:959)
RCRegional Center (id:960)
RCResistance-Capacitance (id:961)
RC MACRecent Change Memory Administration Center (id:962)
RCCRadio Common Carrier (id:963)
RCCRemote Cluster Controller (id:964)
RCCReverse Command Channel (id:965)
RCFRemote Call Forwarding (id:966)
RCLDNRetrieval of Calling Line Directory Number (id:967)
RCMRemote Carrier Module (id:968)
RCSCRemote Spooling Communications Subsystem (id:969)
RCURadio Channel Unit (id:970)
RCVRReCeiVeR (id:971)
RDESRemote Data Entry System (id:972)
RDSRadio Digital System (id:973)
RDTRadio Digital Terminal (id:974)
RECRegional Engineering Center (id:975)
REMRemote Equipment Module (id:976)
REMOBSREMote OBservation System (id:977)
RENRing Equivalence Number (id:978)
REXXREstructred eXtended eXecuter language (id:979)
RFRadio Frequency (id:980)
RIDRemote Isolation Device (id:981)
RISLURemote Integrated Services Line Unit (id:982)
RLCMRemote Line Concentrating Module (id:983)
RLTRemote Line Test (id:984)
RMASRemote Memory Administration System (id:985)
RMRRemote Message Registers (id:986)
RMSRoot-Mean-Square (id:987)
RNReference Noise (id:988)
RNOCRegional Network Operations Center (id:989)
ROReceive Only (id:990)
ROBRemote Order Buffer (id:991)
ROCRegional Operating Company (id:992)
ROHReceiver Off Hook (id:993)
ROMRead-Only Memory (id:994)
ROTLRemote Office Test Line (id:995)
RQSRate/Quote System (id:996)
RQSMRegional Quality Service Management (id:997)
RROReports Receiving Office (id:998)
RSARepair Service Attendant (id:999)
RSBRepair Service Bureau (id:1000)
RSCRemote Switching Center (id:1001)
RSCResidence Service Center (id:1002)
RSCSRemote Source Control System (id:1003)
RSCSRemote Spooling Communications Subsystem (id:1004)
RSLERemote Subscriber Line Equipment (id:1005)
RSLMRemote Subscriber Line Module (id:1006)
RSMRemote Switching Module (id:1007)
RSSRemote Switching System (id:1008)
RSTS/EResource System Time Sharing/Enhanced (id:1009)
RSURemote Switching Unit (id:1010)
RTARemote Trunking Arrangement (id:1011)
RTLResistor-Transistor Logic (id:1012)
RTMRegional Telecommunications Management (id:1013)
RTMRemote Test Module (id:1014)
RTSRemote Testing System (id:1015)
RTURemote Trunking Unit (id:1016)
RTURight To Use (id:1017)
RUMRemote User Multiplex (id:1018)
RWCRemote Work Center (id:1019)
RXRemote eXchange (id:1020)