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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ s ]

Abbreviation Explanation
SSleeve (id:1021)
SACService Area Code (id:1022)
SACService Area Computer (id:1023)
SACSpecial Area Code (id:1024)
SAGStreet Address Guide (id:1025)
SAIServing Area Interface (id:1026)
SALIStandalone Automatic Location Identification (id:1027)
SAMAStep by step Automatic Message Accounting (id:1028)
SARStore Address Register (id:1029)
SARTSSwitched Access Remote Test System (id:1030)
SATSpecial Access Termination (id:1031)
SATSupervisory Audio Tone (id:1032)
SBMSSouthwestern Bell Mobile Service (id:1033)
SBSSkyline Business Systems (id:1034)
SCScanner Controller (id:1035)
SCSectional Center (id:1036)
SCATStromberg-Carlson Assistance Team (id:1037)
SCCSpecialized Common Carrier (id:1038)
SCCSwitching Control Center (id:1039)
SCCSSpecialized Common Carrier Service (id:1040)
SCCSSwitching Control Center System (id:1041)
SCFSelective Call Forwarding (id:1042)
SCMSubscriber Carrier Module (id:1043)
SCOServing Central Office (id:1044)
SCOTStepper Central Office Tester (id:1045)
SCOTSSurveillance & Control Of Transmissions System (id:1046)
SCPSignal Control Point (id:1047)
SCPSignal Conversion Point (id:1048)
SCPSystem Control Program (id:1049)
SCPCSignal Channel Per Carrier (id:1050)
SCPDSupplementary Central Pulse Distributor (id:1051)
SCUSelector Control Unit (id:1052)
SCXSpecialized Communications eXchange (id:1053)
SD&DSpecific Development & Design (id:1054)
SDISSwitched Digital Integrated Service (id:1055)
SDLSpecification and Description Language (id:1056)
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control (id:1057)
SDNSoftware-Defined Network (id:1058)
SDOCSelective Dynamic Overload Controls (id:1059)
SDPService Delivery Point (id:1060)
SDRStore Data Register (id:1061)
SDSSwitched Data Service (id:1062)
SDSSynchronous Data Set (id:1063)
SDSCSynchronous Data Set Controller (id:1064)
SEASSignaling Engineering and Administration System (id:1065)
SELSELector (id:1066)
SESService Evaluation System (id:1067)
SFSingle Frequency (id:1068)
SFMCSatellite Facility Management Center (id:1069)
SGSuperGroup (id:1070)
SGMLStandard Generic Markup Language (id:1071)
SGMPSimple Gateway Management Protocol (id:1072)
SIStatus Indicator (id:1073)
SICSilicon Integrated Circuit (id:1074)
SIDSystem IDentification (id:1075)
SITSpecial Information Tone (id:1076)
SLCSubscriber Loop Carrier (id:1077)
SLEScreening Line Editor (id:1078)
SLICSubscriber Line Interface Circuit (id:1079)
SLIMSubscriber Line Interface Module (id:1080)
SMSwitching Module (id:1081)
SMASSupplementary MAin Store (id:1082)
SMASSwitched Maintenance Access System (id:1083)
SMASFSMAS Frame (id:1084)
SMASPUSMAS Power Unit (id:1085)
SMDFSubscriber Main Distributing Frame (id:1086)
SMDISubscriber Message Desk Interface (id:1087)
SMDRStation Message Detailed Recording (id:1088)
SMGSuperMasterGroup (id:1089)
SMSService Management System (id:1090)
SMSAStandard Metropolitan Statistical Area (id:1091)
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (id:1092)
SNASystem Network Architecture (id:1093)
SNADSSystem Network Architecture Distribution Service (id:1094)
SNETSouthern New England Telephone (id:1095)
SOACService Order Analysis Control (id:1096)
SOCService Oversight Center (id:1097)
SOHService Order History (id:1098)
SONARService Order Negotiation And Retrieval (id:1099)
SONDSSmall Office Network Data System (id:1100)
SPSignal Processor (id:1101)
SPSignaling Point (id:1102)
SPANSpace Physics Analysis Network (id:1103)
SPANSystem Performance ANalyzer (id:1104)
SPCSouthern Pacific Communications (id:1105)
SPCStored Program Control (id:1106)
SPCSStored Program Control Systems (id:1107)
SPISerial Peripheral Interface (id:1108)
SPUC/DLSerial Peripheral Unit Controller/Data Link (id:1109)
SQL/DSStructured Query Language/Data System (id:1110)
SRASelective Routing Arrangement (id:1111)
SSSpecial Services (id:1112)
SSASStation Signaling and Announcement Subsystem (id:1113)
SSBSingle-SideBand (id:1114)
SSBAMSingle-SideBand Amplitude Modulation (id:1115)
SSCSpecial Services Center (id:1116)
SSCPSubsystem Services Control Point (id:1117)
SSOSatellite Switching Office (id:1118)
SSPSignal Switching Point (id:1119)
SSPSponsor Selective Pricing (id:1120)
SSPSystem Status Panel (id:1121)
SSPCSSP Controller (id:1122)
SSPRUSSP Relay Unit (id:1123)
SSTTSSSpace-Space-Time-Time-Space-Space network (id:1124)
STSTart (id:1125)
STCServing Test Center (id:1126)
STCSwitching Technical Center (id:1127)
STDSubscriber Trunk Dialing (id:1128)
STDMStatistical Time Division Multiplexing (id:1129)
STPSignal Transfer Point (id:1130)
STSShared Tenant Service (id:1131)
STSSpace-Time-Space network (id:1132)
SVCSwitched Virtual Circuits (id:1133)
SVSSwitched Voice Service (id:1134)
SWBSouthWestern Bell (id:1135)
SXSimpleX signaling (id:1136)
SXSStep by (X) Step (id:1137)
SYCSYstem Control (id:1138)
SYSGENSYStem GENeration (id:1139)