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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ t ]

Abbreviation Explanation
TTip (id:1140)
T1/OST1 carrier OutState (id:1141)
T1FET1 carrier Front End (id:1142)
TATerminal Adaptor (id:1143)
TATransfer Allowed (id:1144)
TACTerminal Access Circuit (id:1145)
TAPTelephone Assistance Plan (id:1146)
TASTelephone Answering Service (id:1147)
TASCTechnical Assistance Service Center (id:1148)
TASCTelecommunications Alarm Surveillance and Control system (id:1149)
TASITime Assignment Speech Interpolation system (id:1150)
TATTransAtlantic Telephone (id:1151)
TCTiming Counter (id:1152)
TCToll Center (id:1153)
TCAPTransaction Capabilities Applications Port (id:1154)
TCAST-Carrier Administration System (id:1155)
TCCTrunk Class Code (id:1156)
TCGTest Call Generation (id:1157)
TCMTime Compression Multiplexer (id:1158)
TCMTrellis Coded Modulation (id:1159)
TCRTransient Call Record (id:1160)
TDASTraffic Data Administration System (id:1161)
TDCTape Data Controller (id:1162)
TDCTerrestrial Data Circuit (id:1163)
TDDTelecommunications Device for Deaf (id:1164)
TDMTime Division Multiplexing (id:1165)
TETerminal Equipment (id:1166)
TETransverse Electric (id:1167)
TEHOTail End Hop Off (id:1168)
TELSAMTELephone Service Attitude Measurement (id:1169)
tem (id:830)
TERMTERMinal (id:1170)
TFLAPT-carrier Fault-Locating Applications Program (id:1171)
TFSTrunk Forecasting System (id:1172)
TGCTerminal Group Controller (id:1173)
TGNTrunk Group Number (id:1174)
THTrouble History (id:1175)
TIATelephone Information Access (id:1176)
TIRKSTrunk Integrated Record Keeping System (id:1177)
TLMTrouble Locating Manual (id:1178)
TLNTrunk Line Network (id:1179)
TLPTransmission Level Point (id:1180)
TLTPTrunk Line and Test Panel (id:1181)
TMTransverse Magnetic (id:1182)
TMDFTrunk Main Distributing Frame (id:1183)
TMMSTelephone Message Management System (id:1184)
TMRTransient Memory Record (id:1185)
TMRSTraffic Measurement and Recording System (id:1186)
TMRSTraffic Metering Remote System (id:1187)
TMSTime-Multiplexed Switch (id:1188)
TNTelephone Number (id:1189)
TNTransaction Number (id:1190)
TNDSTotal Network Data System (id:1191)
TNNTrunk Network Number (id:1192)
TNOPTotal Network Operation Plan (id:1193)
TNPCTraffic Network Planning Center (id:1194)
TOPSTimesharing OPerating System (id:1195)
TOPSTraffic Operator Position System (id:1196)
TPToll Point (id:1197)
TPMPTotal network data system Performance Measurement Plan (id:1198)
TRTest Register (id:1199)
TRTransfer Register (id:1200)
TREATTrouble Report Evaluation Analysis Tool (id:1201)
TRMTRTRamsMiTteR (id:1202)
TRRTip-Ring Reverse (id:1203)
TSCPFTime Switch and Call Processor Frame (id:1204)
TSCPFTime Switch and Central Processor Frame (id:1205)
TSITime Slot Interchanger (id:1206)
TSOTime Sharing Option (id:1207)
TSORTTransmission System Optimum Relief Tool (id:1208)
TSPTest SuPervisor (id:1209)
TSPTraffic Service Position (id:1210)
TSPSTraffic Service Position System (id:1211)
TSSTrunk Servicing System (id:1212)
TSSTTime-Space-Space-Time network (id:1213)
TSTTime-Space-Time network (id:1214)
TSTTraveling-Wave Tube (id:1215)
TSTSTime-Space-Time-Space network (id:1216)
TTTrunk Type (id:1217)
TTCTerminating Toll Center (id:1218)
TTLTransistor-Transistor Logic (id:1219)
TTPTrunk Test Panel (id:1220)
TTSTrunk Time Switch (id:1221)
TTTNTandem Tie Trunk Network (id:1222)
TTYTeleTYpewriter (id:1223)
TTYCTTY Controller (id:1224)
TURTraffic Usage Recording (id:1225)
TURTrunk Utilization Report (id:1226)
TWXTeletypeWriter eXchange (id:1227)