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The Geek'tionary

A dictionary.

A dictionary containing alot of uncommon, if not strange abbreviation, mostly are from the IT and tele industry. I have actually had this digital gem hidden away for years. Just stumbled upon it by change the other day and figured it was time to put it to some use - I cannot even recall how I came by it in the first place.


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[ v ]

Abbreviation Explanation
VANValue Added Network (id:1240)
VCVirtual Circuit (id:1241)
VCSVirtual Circuit System (id:1242)
VFVoice Frequency (id:1243)
VFYVeriFY (id:1244)
VGFVoice Grade Facility (id:1245)
VHFVery High Frequency (id:1246)
VINESVIrtual NEtwork Software (id:1247)
VIUVoiceband Interface Unit (id:1248)
VLSIVery Large-Scale Integrated circuitry (id:1249)
VM/SPVirtual Machine/System Product (id:1250)
VMCFVirtual Machine Communications Facility (id:1251)
VMRVolt-Meter Reverse (id:1252)
VMRSVoice Message Relay System (id:1253)
VMSVirtual Memory operating System (id:1254)
VMSVoice Mail System (id:1255)
VMSVoice Management System (id:1256)
VNFVirtual Network Feature (id:1257)
VNLVia Net Loss plan (id:1258)
VNLFVia Net Loss Factor (id:1259)
VODASVoice Over Data Access Station (id:1260)
VPNVirtual Private Network (id:1261)
VRSVoice Response System (id:1262)
VSAMVirtual Storage Access Method (id:1263)
VSATVery Small Aperature Terminal (id:1264)
VSBVestigial SideBand modulation (id:1265)
VSEVirtual Storage Extended (id:1266)
VSRVoice Storage and Retrieval (id:1267)
VSSVoice Storage System (id:1268)
VSSPVoice Switch Signaling Point (id:1269)
VTAMVirtual Telecommunications Access Method (id:1270)
VTIVirtual Terminal Interface (id:1271)
VTOCVolume Table Of Contents (id:1272)
VTSVideo Teleconferencing System (id:1273)