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Phonetic Alphabet (NATO)


Great for spelling things out, in particualy passwords and other random assorted letters and numbers.

This is the NATO version. There are other less used variants, but this one is the one used most places.

Letter Phonetic Letter Phonetic
A Alpha B Bravo
C Charlie D Delta
E Echo F Foxtrot
G Golf H Hotel
I India J Juliet
K Kilo L Lima
M Mike N November
O Oscar P Papa
Q Quebec R Romeo
S Sierra T Tango
U Uniform V Victor
W Whiskey X X-ray
Y Yankee Z Zulu
Number Phonetic Number Phonetic
0 Zero 1 Wun (One)
2 Two 3 Tree (Three)
4 Fower (Four) 5 Fife (Five)
6 Six 7 Seven
8 Ait (Eight) 9 Niner (Nine)