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amites graphics


As you properly can tell from this website I love being creative when it comes to messing around with graphics!


graphics art In this section of the site you get to see my creative side. Most of this section contains pointless artwork that I for no apparent reason created at one time or another. Some of it is old, some of it is new and most of it is quite abstract.

Take a look around and enjoy the show! One thing is for sure - You will find some weird things, some of it good, some of it less good. It's about playing around with your's not so important why or what you end up with after a few hours in photoshop, but just the fact that you created something unique (wow...deep!).


I have during the years played around with different programs when comes to graphics, but the last couple of years it has been Adobe PhotoShop (and the occational Illustrator for Vector based) that has been my playground of choice.

graphics art Creating and designing graphics in a program such as Photoshop is a real treat, often I don't even plan what I should draw but just run with the ideas as they pop up. Obviously if I'm working on a specific project I try to stick with the task at hand (or it will never get done), though I almost always spawn a few alternative ideas for something completely different that I can pick up again at another time - But that's why it's fun, eh?

This site

Take this site for example. The entire layout is constructed of maybe 25-30 different ideas, partial illustrations, pattern tests, stuff that never worked out and other things from my hard-disc of horror (BOOH!) or in my head. I just felt that all the pieces should be gathered somewhere.