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programming language globe Once again new tools have been added to the site. Nothing revolutionary this time, but I am convinced the changes will please most. The "Hostname Resolver" and "Reverse DNS" -tools are both gone. To cover their needs I have implemented a DNS-analyzer tool. This can handle everything the other two tools managed to but it also has some addional features, among other things: bulk lookup, auto-trace, auto-sorting, and more!!

On a sidenote: I have once again done some virtual cleaning up in the WHOIS tool. It is still a tricky tool to operate at times, but it provides an invaluable service, namely: Custom WHOIS lookups!

The purpose

On these pages you will find a series of webbased tools. I originally developed these tool for my own benifit, but I have now intigrated them into this site. The tools are made for different purposes.

Some I have tweaked and improved, while othes are not completely optimized. Though they are all working just fine, some are more intuitive then others.

Brief user guide

If you should require further assistance or information in order to use or understand the tools, try opening the info menu (See illustration to the right) under each tool. information icon with arrows

screenshot of the results bar Most tools consist of a form in some way. It should be pretty straight forward...Enter the data and press the button.

What happens once you submit the form obviously depends on the tool, however the results window (See illustration to the left) will contain the output.

« Green text » Succesfull action (Successfull! Result outputed)
« Grey text » Failed action (Failure! Tool will explain why/where)
« Red text » Serious error (Oooh sh**!)


My DNS scoutle-bot. Go on it. You know you want to.

Please note...

I advice that you read the disclaimer prior to using any tools on this website.